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The Navel of the World

Written by fargazmo on 28 Apr, 2011

Easter Island is expensive to reach, expensive to stay on, and a bit of a hassle to get to. If you don't speak any Spanish, you'll probably have a hard time getting around, since almost nobody there speaks any English. All that said,…Read More

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Sailing a Tall Ship Across the Southern Ocean

Written by Noreen H on 22 Oct, 2008

Tallship Soren Larsen voyage - Have you ever dreamed of going to sea? Have you ever thought about an adventure across the Pacific? As of today, february 24th, we are embarking on a the adventure of a lifetime! I have been cook on Soren now…Read More

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Easter Island

Written by statesidecruiser on 11 May, 2008

Easter Island is one of the most remote of the inhabited places on earth. Only some 150 square miles in area, it lies in the Pacific Ocean, 2,000 miles off the west coast of South America and 1,250 miles from the nearest inhabitable land of…Read More

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Easter Island IV

Written by Moai on 05 Sep, 2000

Monday March 22 We started the day by heading to the craft market. Antonio scouted some moai statues, eventually bartering and buying a nice one for himself. I felt too nauseous to participate, especially when I happened upon the fresh fish booth. Whoooaaa. There are several unrestored moai…Read More

The Anthropological Museum of Father Sebastian Englert

Written by SaraP on 01 Jul, 2003

The Anthropological Museum of Father Sebastian Englert (a German missionary who came to the island to spread the good word and spent 35 years as parish priest, documenting its history, and particularly that of the stone inhabitants) is well worth a couple of hours (particularly…Read More

Rano Raraku - the moai nursery

Written by SaraP on 03 Jul, 2003

The whole island, for reasons of landscape, isolation, and history, is of course a very evocative place, but for me the most moving and extraordinary site is the "nursery" at Rano Raraku, so called by the locals because it is where the volcano "gave birth"…Read More

Orongo - where topknots and heroes were made

Written by SaraP on 20 May, 2003

Rano Kau (Rano=volcano/Kau=wide or vast) is a 350m-high mound of red stone from which moai "topknots", symbolising hair (and not hats as was once thought), were carved. (For me, one of the most extraordinary achievements was not erecting the moai in the first place…Read More

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Tongariki by the sea

Written by SaraP on 23 May, 2003

Located on the eastern coast at Bay Hotu Iti next to Rano Raraku, and comprising the biggest and perhaps best known ahu in Rapa Nui for that reason, the row of 15 standing moai at Tongariki was wholly restored by about 1996 from a collection…Read More

Big Giant Heads in the Navel of the World

Written by Kelly J on 21 Nov, 2000

Easter Island goes by many names depending on the language you speak - its nickname is 'the navel of the world.' Landing on Easter Island, it was amazing to see the huge stretch of runway on such a small island. I later learned that it…Read More

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Easter Island II

Written by Moai on 01 Sep, 2000

A nice straight in approach to the only runway at Mataveri airport [43K] gave no good vistas from the left side of the plane. All of the tour books about Easter Island advise that there will be ample locals awaiting the arrival of the plane from Santiago…Read More

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