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Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa - VERY Highly Recommended

Written by jenandfrank on 27 Dec, 2004

Motu Toopua, Nunue 689 603 300 What a phenomenal trip! My husband and I receive several monthly travel magazines. Whenever a year-end "Gold List" comes out, we are always so disappointed when we see that the Nui was again forgotten. I’d like to think…Read More

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Discreet Luxury in the South Seas

Written by Josh S on 13 Jan, 2005

The manta ray’s milky white underside just scratched the surface of the water as it performed a graceful somersault in front of the underwater spotlight. Our eyes widened and we stood dumbstruck at nature’s magnificence revealed so easily, standing on the dock under the moonlight.…Read More

Bora Bora Adventures

Written by BeauandHolly on 31 Jan, 2005

We spent 2 weeks at the Club Med Bora Bora on our honeymoon - it was simply incredible! The resort was very nice, with a little cabana right on the beach - literally 20 steps from the water. There were beautiful views of a secluded…Read More

Bora Bora Dining - Top Dive & Fare Manuia

Written by jenandfrank on 19 Jan, 2005

Top Dive – Vaitape, 689-60-5050. French. This is definitely considered (as it should be) the finest dining on Bora Bora. It is located north of Vaitape on the lagoon and with only 47 seats. Reservations must be made (way in advance)…Read More

Shark Feeding - Water Safari

Written by jenandfrank on 18 Jan, 2005

The shark-feeding tours are the big thing on Bora Bora. We booked ours through the Concierge at the Nui. We paid just under $75 each (and I’m sure the Nui got its cut) for what should have been a 3-hour tour. Our tour company was…Read More

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Bora Bora - Notes/Thoughts

Written by jenandfrank on 28 Dec, 2004

Bora Bora was named and built by U.S. GIs in the 40s. I have heard two different comparisons to Hawaii; one was that Tahiti as a whole receives fewer visitors in one year than Honolulu does in one month, and the other was that Tahiti…Read More

Bora Bora Nui

Written by torstinj on 13 Jul, 2005

My husband and I went to the Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa for 10 days in June, 2004. This was our second trip to Bora Bora, so we were pretty familiar with the island and all the surrounding hotels. The hotel is about 2…Read More

Marama Tattoo

Written by BeauandHolly on 31 Jan, 2005

Tahiti is known for many beautiful things, one of which is its art of tattooing. We decided to get Tahitian tattoos for many reasons. We were referred by many locals to Marama; his studio is about a 15-minute walk from the Club Med along the…Read More

Packing List

Written by StephCat on 06 May, 2004

We used the following packing list, based upon recommendations from the Tahiti Explorer message boards. Everything fit into two carry-on sized convertible backpack luggage pieces (one from REI, the other Pangea brand) and one medium-sized duffle (primarily for our snorkeling gear) that we checked.…Read More

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Snorkel/Sharkfeeding: Private Motu Excursion

Written by Prosperine on 04 Apr, 2002

Once the guide released the chum, we were surrounded by a frenzy of fish. Manned with our snorkel gear, we waited patiently for the sharks while holding onto a rope. We were visited by 3 black-tipped reef sharks. Unfortunately, they kept at…Read More

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