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Visiting East Berlin

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Stories and Tips East Berlin

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Important tips for Easterners making that road trip out to the rural west.

Written by creekland on 07 Oct, 2006

In pretty much all of our travels we learn (by experience) some important tips that we always pass on when people ask us (in person) for advice. It only seems appropriate to add such an entry here too. This is mainly for those who live…Read More

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The Beginning - an Introduction to our Trip.

Written by creekland on 05 Oct, 2006

No review is worth much unless you understand the perspective of the one giving the review - otherwise, how do you know if you would agree or disagree? Should you see the sight - or will you be bored silly? So... more about us -…Read More

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Written by creekland on 05 Oct, 2006

What? A road trip to National Parks and one of the journal entries you see is "Iowa?" What gives? Well, on our first trip out west we missed Iowa. It was the only mid-western state we missed. We simply couldn't fit it in without a…Read More

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