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Nice day out but bring your own fun

Written by Pumpkin88 on 11 Jul, 2011

Herne bay is a famous seaside town that have a large beach, places to eat, several amusements and a pier. The beach is a half an hours bus ride away from Canterbury City Centre (on the 6A bus). You can also get the train here…Read More

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Canterbury in a nut shell

Written by Pumpkin88 on 07 Jul, 2011

When I first went to Canterbury it was quite a change for me. Although it is a very busy town one still gets the sense of the original charm due to the historic architecture such as the castle walls, the old paved roads and the…Read More

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Exploring the Cathedral Precincts

Written by Mutt on 23 Dec, 2004

Our tour begins outside the Tourist Information Centre on the Butter Market, opposite which stands the domineering Christ Church Gate, the main entrance to the cathedral often overlooked by visitors in their rush to get to the splendour within. The ornate gate was constructed from…Read More

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Exploring Canterbury

Written by Mutt on 21 Dec, 2004

The city is justifiably renowned for the awe-inspiring Canterbury Cathedral that stands at the very heart of the town, but there is plenty more to explore. Our tour begins outside the Tourist Information Centre on the Butter Market, opposite the main entrance to the cathedral, where…Read More

Things to See and Do In Canterbury

Written by ashford on 16 Apr, 2001

Canterbury has a great deal to offer the visitor. It has a fine Cathedral which is not only the mother church of the Church of England but is full of history. It houses the tomb of Thomas A'Beckett and a number of well known figures…Read More

Chaucer and the route from London

Written by Amanda on 29 Aug, 2000

One of the earliest surviving works in the English language, Chaucer's tales about the journey from London to Canterbury are fascinating. The language isn't easy - it is much more different from modern English than Shakespeare is - but worth the effort. Most books come…Read More

Evensong at Canterbury Cathedral

Written by captain kait on 24 May, 2005

Every evening, the Cathedral bells ring out the start of Evensong (a daily religious service). We visited Canterbury in mid-winter, so it was dusk at the time of Evensong, and the bells beaconed mystically through the streets of the city in the darkness.…Read More

The University of Kent

Written by ashford on 19 Apr, 2001

The University of Kent at Canterbury is situated in the northern part of the city and offers some spectacular views of Canterbury. Surprisinly perhaps for such an old city, the U is comparatively young, not being founded until the mid-1960s. There are some attractive buildings…Read More

Check Out St Martin's Church

Written by ashford on 19 Apr, 2001

Do you love old churches? If you do you should follow Longport and head for North Holmes Road in Canterbury. Once there you will see St Martin's Church. This church, founded during the Roman occupation, is the oldest known church in England. Its roman bricks…Read More

Herne Bay

Written by Seem on 14 Nov, 2000

This isn't ordinarily considered a tourist destination. We went there because my old friend Tom lives there and he volunteered to act as a guide for us. Tom explained that cats' eyes were reflectors on the roadways and that they presented no danger to us…Read More

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