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Last Chance Gulch and Mall

Written by btwood2 on 12 Oct, 2007

Last Chance Gulch is where it all began, the heart of old Helena. For it was here that four guys known locally as the Four Georgians, though there's some speculation that there may have been more than four, and that not all of them…Read More

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Reeder's Alley

Written by btwood2 on 08 Oct, 2007

We spent the better part of an afternoon nosing around historic Reeder's Alley, at the south end of Last Chance Gulch. At first glance, it doesn't look like much. A conglomeration of mismatched buildings - some log cabins, some wooden, and quite a few…Read More

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Getting there...

Written by melissa_bel on 09 Jan, 2005

From Billings, there two ways to get there. Either take I-90 past Bozeman, then 287 morth to Helena, through rolling hills, with the moutains in the distance. This is the main road. Another scenic route is to take 89 north by the Crazy Mountains and…Read More

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The strange story of the Goddess of Liberty

Written by melissa_bel on 09 Jan, 2005

Like many capitols in the US, Helena has its Lady Liberty atop the building, but the story of how it got there is really strange. During the "capital fight", the people responsible for the plans ran off with all the papers and records. Then, during…Read More

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