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Ntarama church

Written by husain on 21 May, 2005

It feels a bit odd to call this a 'must-see activity', since it's not exactly a tourist spot that I'm talking about, but considering how disaffected the issue was to the world, I think it couldn't go with a better title. We were aware that the…Read More

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ID Cards

Written by husain on 22 May, 2005

The former Belgian colonial government in Rwanda had introduced the concept of ID cards for the Rwandans. These cards clearly stated whether the cardholder was a Muhutu, Mututsi, or Mutwa. This brought with it a fixed concept of group or racial identity, something that was…Read More

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Gacaca Courts

Written by husain on 14 May, 2005

Gacaca means grass. These are local-level courts that were traditionally used by village communities who would gather on a patch of grass to resolve conflicts, usually between families, employing the heads of each household as judges. In an effort to speed up the process of justice…Read More

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Pictures in the Airport

Written by husain on 13 Jan, 2005

It was a strangely calm yet eerie sight to look out of the window as we came in to land. It was dusk, moving into darkness, and there was a mist settling upon the hills, becoming unusually dark. I was probably just overreacting. I still…Read More

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Interviewing the President

Written by husain on 21 May, 2005

An interview with a head of state is always a special thing. To top that, interviewing someone who has had such a crucial role to play in where Rwanda stands today was even more important for us. Paul Kagame, the soft-spoken teetotaller president, exudes an…Read More

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Meeting Eddie

Written by husain on 14 Jan, 2005

At Ntarama, we met Eddie, a Hutu who had been part of the Interhamwe and was one of the killers. He had been in jail for 9 years and had been freed recently by the Gacaca court. He was doing his bit of community service…Read More

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Written by husain on 14 Jan, 2005

I forget her name... but hers was a typically sordid tale among many of the survivors. Perhaps hers was a little worse than the others, though. After seeing every single member of her family being butchered at the hands of the attackers, she spent three months…Read More

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