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In the Streets of Ensenada

Written by Ishtar on 17 Feb, 2002

Ensenada is about 30 miles from Las Rocas , which was our point of reference, as we looked at it every morning. The drive is magnificent, and as we approached town, people were coming over to the car and giving us brochures…Read More

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La Frontera - The Border

Written by Ishtar on 17 Feb, 2002

If you are going to Mexico by car, you simply can't avoid the border crossing; it can be fairly rapid, or agonizingly slow, depending on the day, and the time of day. From the United States, we crossed at about 4:00 pm on a Thursday,…Read More

The Capes

Written by El Gallo on 30 Aug, 2000

La Paz is a great little town and a real haven for the carless. (Those with vehicles can access the miles of beautiful, isolated beaches out of town). Please see my La Paz journal for more details. (See how I'm using this to blatently…Read More

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Baja Road Trip—Day 4

Written by rubylu on 28 Mar, 2006

By the time I got up at 8am, Avy was back from a 5-mile round-trip walk down the beach to the south. I headed north. The sea was still, no waves, just lazy little ripples, and was crystal-clear. The shore is sand, but with lots…Read More

El Rosario to Santa Rosalia

Written by ndburry on 15 Oct, 2004

When you’re driving down Baja’s route 1, you’ll eventually hit a little podunk town called El Rosario. It looks a lot bigger and more important on the map, but there’s nothing there except an overrated hotel/restaurant…Read More

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The Cabo Experience for Water Babies like us

Written by lwoodie on 08 Oct, 2002

Cabo San Lucas was our second destination in Mexico. We were trying to compare the Gulf of Mexico side with the Pacific Ocean side to see which one we liked better. We found out that there was no swimming permitted in the Pacific…Read More

The $100 Corona - a lesson at the US border

Written by spuguru on 12 Dec, 2000

You may have noticed that you can buy booze very cheaply in Mexico. Question is should you declare it at the US border? Let me relate a story that should help you decide. I was at a friend's house in college and saw a lone…Read More

Los Americanos Borrachos en Ensenada

Written by spuguru on 12 Dec, 2000

Ensenada is just 6 miles north of Estero Beach, and is the drop off point of many a cruise ship. You'll find Americans running arround all over town trying to consume as many tequila shots or margaritas as possible. If this is your cup of…Read More

Mariachi bands

Written by spuguru on 12 Dec, 2000

One of the greatest features of restaurants in Ensenada (as elsewhere in Baja) are the travelling mariachi bands. A group of several like-dressed musicians will enter and play a song, attempting to entice a diner into paying to have the band stick around at their…Read More

Palmas de Cortez Ammenities

Written by auntieanne on 04 Nov, 2000

Palmas de Cortez is mainly a vacation spot for serious fishermen. However, for those who are not as interested in fishing, or for those who want to take a break from fishing, the hotel offers other activities as well. There are workout facilities, a large…Read More

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