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An Afternoon in Holly-Weird

Written by MilwVon on 08 Dec, 2010

Hollywood is a very eclectic and rather bizarre place. As our bus turned the corner onto Hollywood Blvd to head up to the street address of 6925, it was as though we had turned down a block into some foreign country or perhaps onto…Read More

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The Coolest Coffee Shops to Hang out in Hollywood

Written by PhotoSafariDude on 12 Feb, 2008

California Drivers....Leave your car behind ...I am a 15 year resident of Southern California after having lived in San Francisco ( 5 years ) & Los Angeles ( 3 years ),I can saythe Amtrak California Surfliner is the best stress free experience.What you can do…Read More

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The Girly Freak Show hits Tinsel-town

Written by gsingh on 02 Aug, 2001

A long time ago--long before rock 'n' roll--there existed the phenomenon of the circus-side show. Traveling freak shows crisscrossed the countryside showcasing all sorts of peculiar acts and bizarre human oddities. Somewhere in the course of inhuman events, the sideshow disappeared from mainstream culture until…Read More

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Hollywood Sign/Hollywood Hills

Written by VickiFunes on 31 Jul, 2005

What would Hollywood be without its famous "HOLLYWOOD" sign? It would seem like something was missing! Even though it is truly a permanent fixture nowadays, it began as just a real-estate advertising gimmick. In the 1920s, when this section of Los Angeles…Read More

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Grand Theaters of Hollywood Blvd.

Written by VickiFunes on 31 Jul, 2005

Receiving between 2 and 4 million tourist visits per year (depending on your source of info), Graumann's Chinese Theater is undoubtedly the USA's most famous theater. Heck, maybe it's the WORLD'S most famous movie house! Though it's perhaps most famous for the hand…Read More

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Incomparable Hollywood Bowl

Written by VickiFunes on 31 Jul, 2005

One of your favorite musicians has performed at the Hollywood Bowl. How can I say that--I don't even know you! Because this preeminent venue has hosted so many of the world's top artists, that surely one of your favorites has been among them. Though…Read More

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Kodak Theater---Glamour Central

Written by VickiFunes on 31 Jul, 2005

When I lived in L.A., my guests would frequently complain that Hollywood seemed like a letdown to them. When they came from other parts of the country, they expected to see the glamorous Hollywood of their dreams, but found a down-on-its-luck, cheesy tourist trap…Read More

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Walk around Hollywood Land

Written by TravelQueen2001 on 09 Mar, 2001

A fun thing to do in Hollywood is to walk around the Hollywood Hills and look at houses, plants, and the Hollywood sign from the distance, among other things. There are gorgeous homes around here, and they get more impressive as you make your way…Read More

The Pig

Written by donnajo on 28 Aug, 2000

Curious? Well, this is a suggestion for those of you who are looking to spend a relaxing day in a rather bohemian atmosphere. Across the street from the Church of Scientology, on Franklin Ave. Between Bronson and Beachwood Street, at the foot of the Hollywood…Read More

Grauman's Chinese Theater

Written by El Gallo on 08 Sep, 2000

Okay, it's 'Mann's Chinese Theater, now, but it's still the ultimate pagoda, sitting there un-selfconscious of it's preposterous glitz. You can take in a film there, just to be able to drop the fact in conversation back home, or if you're too cheap to…Read More

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