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Jiuzhaigou National Park, Sichuan Province, China

Written by Roger Ratcliff on 01 Aug, 2000

Peace and Quiet in a Chinese National Park with 10,000 Boisterous Chinese The Jiuzhaigou National Park bus finally came to a stop. I had the unfortunate luck of sitting in the rear set. Several times during the 45 minute ride I was catapulted completely out of…Read More

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Wanglang Panda Reserve

Written by Roger Ratcliff on 17 Oct, 2000

Follow the road up the valley containing the Baima Villages and you arrive at Wanglang Nature Reserve. About 5 miles into reserve there is lodging with hot showers and food. It is a quiet place to enjoy nature, hike, and relax in a mountain lodge…Read More

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Pingwu City, Great Food, Great Country Walks

Written by Roger Ratcliff on 17 Oct, 2000

The city of Pingwu offers a rest from the noise and dust of many Chinese cities and is visited by few foreigners. A fifteen-minute walk takes you from one side of the city to the other along streets mainly occupied by people, pedicabs, and a…Read More

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Baima Villages - a colorful minority.

Written by Roger Ratcliff on 16 Oct, 2000

There is a road between Pingwu City and Jiuzhaigou. Off this main road is a road going up a valley containing several Baima villages. Many of these villages offer lodging and food. Baima people wear very colorful cloths and little white hats with white feathers.…Read More

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