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Staying a Vegetarian in Sweden

Written by dackelynn on 29 Nov, 2006

So, you're a vegetarian in Sweden? Well, you're in luck because outside of India, this must be the best country to be a vegetarian because of all the fantastic options. At the supermarket there are many vegetarian-oriented products to choose from. Quorn is a fungus-based…Read More

A Guide to Swedish Food in the South

Written by dackelynn on 27 Jul, 2006

Sweden has a wonderful range of food options waiting for you! Perhaps you think that Swedes only eat tasteless meatballs and open-faced sandwiches. Fortunately, you'd be mistaken. There are lots of find here and some real gems. For tourists on a budget, the best option…Read More

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Surviving Winter in Lund, Sweden

Written by dackelynn on 26 Jul, 2006

Winter can be quite dreary in Sweden. In the south it may even feel colder than the north because of the dampness! The sun goes down around 4pm, which can leave you feeling tired. So, what is there to do when you can't play in…Read More

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For Students: Attending a Sittning

Written by dackelynn on 26 Jul, 2006

A sittning is a formal dinner for students. In Lund, these are hosted by student groups called Nations. You will have to call ahead in order to book a seat. There will most likely be a charge of around 150kr ($20 US) which must be…Read More

Swedish Student Etiquette

Written by dackelynn on 26 Jul, 2006

You might think that Swedes are like Americans but you'd be mistaken! There is certain protocol you should follow. When you first meet someone, you can introduce yourself by simply saying "[Your name], Hej." "Hej" sounds just like the English "hey." Shake hands. You don't…Read More

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Celebrating Midsommar in Lund

Written by dackelynn on 26 Jul, 2006

Midsommar is the longest day of the year. The sun might come up around 3.30 and go down past 11 P.M. This calls for a celebration! In Sweden, Midsommar is moved to the weekend so everyone can get extremely intoxicated and not have to worry…Read More

The City of Students

Written by hellberg on 27 Sep, 2005

Lund is an old city with a long history located in the southern part of Sweden. Because of the "ancient" university, Lund has a broad student life, so the best thing is to study at the university so you can access all the clubs, pubs,…Read More

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