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Visiting Canoa Quebrada

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Stories and Tips Canoa Quebrada

Capoeira- A Great Experience to see.

Written by ademir on 05 Dec, 2000

Capoeira is an African-derived cultural event participated by locals here as well as everywhere in Brazil. The music performed is with that of a instrument called a Berimbau. The Berimbau is derived from Africa as well. It is a percussion instrument played…Read More

Places to eat and drink in Canoa Quebrada

Written by ademir on 05 Dec, 2000

The main road of Canoa Quebrada is called, Broadway. Broadway is where it is always happening. If you are a night owl like me, you will stay up all night and relax on the beaches during the day, so you can repeat each day-night the…Read More

Dune buggys and Disco Dancing!

Written by ademir on 22 Oct, 2000

You are capable of renting dunebuggys for travel along the beaches.It is also possbile to rent a dune buggy in Canoa Quebrada in case you choosse to go there from Fortleza. The area has many beaches within easy reach.One could even stay in Fortaleza and depart…Read More

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para-glide and some portuguese lessons

Written by ademir on 30 Nov, 2000

While you are at the beaches, you might be the type that loves suspense. Go and para-glide from the back of a dune buggy, and soar in the sky. It is a great view from up above.That is the highest i have ever gotten from the…Read More

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Staying at the Hotel Ibis Fortaleza during month of November

Written by ademir on 23 Oct, 2000

Price to stay there is only 29 U.S. dollars a night. check it out.... If you were to go in June, it is around 86-88 us dollars. Their address is Rua Atualpa Barbosa Lima,660 and their telephone number : (085)-525-20-44 They have a coffee shop,frigobar,tv and rooms…Read More

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