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Written by lovin_it on 05 Jun, 2006

Getting TO/AROUND: Take a shared taxi from Bamenda to some of the villages in the highlands. Taxis leave from Nkwan park and you may have to change at mile 4 depending on other passengers destinations. Costs: Bamenda - Belo = 900cfa (45 minutes) Bamenda -…Read More

The Home Stay Experience

Written by lovin_it on 05 Jun, 2006

Trek up into the mountains around Fundong and meet a family from the Fulani tribe. Walk through the village and meet the friends and relatives (there are many!!) Walk for water with the children. Stop at the local market and buy some fresh fruit. Walk…Read More

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Family living

Written by sociolingo on 03 Sep, 2004

I lived with two families during our time in Cameroon. Both families made our family feel most welcome and took special care of our children. Each day a member of the family would carefully comb out my younger daughter's long hair and plait it very…Read More

Driving in Cameroon

Written by sociolingo on 03 Sep, 2004

If you like adventure then try hiring a four wheel drive car in Cameroon! After driving in the rainy season you'll feel up to entering any cross-country competition and you'll probably do really well. There are tarred roads in Yaounde and between large towns but…Read More

Cameroon - Africa in miniature

Written by sociolingo on 03 Sep, 2004

Cameroon has been called 'Africa in miniature'. It has great cultural, ethnic and geographic diversity. If you want wild animals, sunny beaches, mountains, extraordinary landscapes, forest walks, welcoming people, you'll find it all in Cameroon! Cameroon is on the west coast of Africa and has a…Read More

Douala and Beyond

Written by forever young on 28 Apr, 2005

I left you in the middle seat, about to land in Douala. Now, Douala is not the most picturesque airport. I would show you, but taking pictures in and around the airport isn't advised. I deplaned and went to show my visa…Read More

The Beginning

Written by forever young on 27 Apr, 2005

This travel journal is a journal looking to the past. But the best place to start the recounting of this jouney is in the beginning. It began in December of 2003. I applied to be a part of the first all-youth gateway team to Cameroon…Read More

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