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Klaipeda Old Town

Written by Koentje3000 on 11 Jul, 2007

The town was founded as Memelburg as a garrison fort in the 13th century by the crusading German Teutonic Knights. Prussia took control of the town and for the next centuries it formed the border with the powerful Grand Duchy of Lithuania. For the next…Read More

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A Brief History of Klaipeda

Written by Owen Lipsett on 14 Dec, 2004

While the History Museum of Lithuania Minor offers interesting exhibitions on the cultural and social history of Klaipeda, it provides relatively little insight on the city’s political history and almost no information of any sort in English. I hope that this brief history will…Read More

A Gateway to Treasure

Written by dangaroo on 13 Jan, 2009

On arrival in Klaipeda (the largest city in Western Lithuania), I had some issues with the luggage lockers at the station which at that time still required the use of Kopeks which weren't in use but could be bought from an old lady standing at…Read More

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