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Cat, Cops and Chaos

Written by Praskipark on 10 Jun, 2009

As you walk in a semi circle around the bay of Kotor and its sparkling waters you will hear lots of car honking and general chaos. A lot of police patrol the harbour front and they are quite interesting to scrutinise. They wear those wide…Read More

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Finding a Room in Krazy Kotor

Written by Praskipark on 03 Jun, 2009

I knew nothing about the bay of Kotor until I received a postcard from my son saying that he had visited this medieval town in Montenegro and he thought it was really strange because the bay was actually a fjord. I was fascinated with the…Read More

In the Bay of a Thousand Colours

Written by dangaroo on 13 Jan, 2009

Kotor, located on the Montenegran riviera is a place I have very fond memories of. In the corner of "the only fjord in Southern Europe" (it's actually a submerged river canyon though), Kotor certainly doesn't lack class. With a background of limestone cliffs, it's no…Read More

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Exploring The Old Town

Written by Mutt on 17 Nov, 2004

One of Kotor’s most interesting features is the street plan of the old town; this exercise in chaos theory is a higgledy-piggledy mess of alleys and squares that have defied all official naming schemes and are only referred to by the folk names that have…Read More

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the town of Kotor

Written by rhiannon1968 on 15 Feb, 2002

The ancient city of Kotor was our first stop into Montenegro: it’s the oldest town and also the most historical and best-preserved of all: not casually it’s a UNESCO heritage site. Kotor is a bit of an architectural melting pot. I’m probably not too wrong…Read More

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