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Driving tour part 1

Written by Maximocervantes on 24 Jun, 2003

Tijuana City tourSpeaking NotesThis document was created to aid people who visit Tijuana. Its objective is to provide visitors with a tool that provides additional information in order to enrich their drive in Tijuana. TijuanaOn October 15th 1925, General Plutarco Elías Calles, then President of…Read More

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Two Great Shops On Revu

Written by El Gallo on 06 Jan, 2007

There are certainly enough stores on Revolución, to say the very least. But a couple stand out for special attention. But first a word or two about shopping on the infamous "Revu". (And be sure to check the more complete shopping entries in my TJ…Read More

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Sanborns -- All Night Coffee and Much More

Written by El Gallo on 06 Jan, 2007

Sanborns isn't quite Denny's. It's so much more than that - especially since it gobbled Denny's up for breakfast. And in Tijuana, it provides 24 hour splashdown for carousers, stranded travelers, and foreigners who want a "real breakfast" with real coffee.A venerable institution in Mexico…Read More

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Crossing the Border... and Back

Written by El Gallo on 05 Jan, 2007

As I mentioned, it's not getting over into Tijuana that's the trick: it's getting back. More on that later, since there are a few tips on going to TJ from California. The airport and bus station function like any other, except in Tijuana (as increasingly…Read More

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Cliente Sports Betting Books

Written by El Gallo on 05 Jan, 2007

Here we go... another "experience" because there are no categories for gambling and watching sports.Caliente occupies an extremely unique place in Tijuana culture, tourism, and politics. The name was originally applied to the racetrack - a huge hippodrome where movie stars once came to gamble…Read More

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Coffee Anyone?

Written by El Gallo on 05 Jan, 2007

I guess this is an "experience", since they don't seem to have a category for coffee houses. (Or bakeries, or shopping, etc.)Coffee shops, or cafés as they're called in Mexico, are not exactly a major feature of many Mexican areas. Some towns have no place…Read More

Celebration in TJ: Feast of the Virgin de Guadalupe Dec 12

Written by SDCarol on 18 Dec, 2003

The festival of the Virgin of Guadalupe is a holiday event highlighted by colorful parades, people wearing traditional dress, fireworks, feasts, concerts, dances and parties. At 6pm on Friday night, 12 December, my friends and I drove to the border to walk to the Cathedral…Read More

Fourth Stage

Written by Maximocervantes on 20 Jun, 2003

Tijuana Downtown Walking Tour #20 Historic Bank Building Revolución Av. and 2nd St. This turn of the twentieth century new-French building was one of the first on Revolución and houses working "Bital" bank with ATM. As you walk south again you’ll notice… #21 Prehispanic Sculptures Revolución Av. between 3rd St. and 4th…Read More

Third Stage

Written by Maximocervantes on 20 Jun, 2003

Tijuana Downtown Walking Tour #13 Tijuana Wax Museum 1st (Artículo 123) St. one block east of Revolución Av. Located at the old chamber of commerce building, the first –and only- museum of its kind in the state, houses over 80 lifelike renderings of Mexican and International celebrities and historical…Read More

Second Stage

Written by Maximocervantes on 20 Jun, 2003

Tijuana Downtown Walking Tour #6 El Sombrero Arcade Revolución Av. between 6th St. and 5th St. For over 70 years this arcade’s 20 shops have sold Mexican crafts. Prices vary and you have to haggle for anything not ticketed, but it's a good buy anywhere you choose. There is…Read More

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