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San Ysidro Bakery

Written by El Gallo on 06 Jan, 2007

The whole reason for Cinco De Mayo is the Mexican's military expulsion of the French Empire. Prior to that there was an interesting period when Mexico was ruled by the Emperor Maximillian and his lovely, doomed wife, Carlota. They did it very ala francais, too.…Read More

Not just for tourism

Written by Ishtar on 20 Apr, 2002

There are just as many logical and reasonable reasons to visit Tijuana, and the rest of Baja, as there are pleasurable ones. If you have time, you can combine the two! Goods and services are much cheaper than they are in the US, and…Read More

6 - A Reality Check

Written by Elli Metz on 17 Feb, 2001

I won't lie to you. Some parts of our trip showed an urban city, away from the main tourist areas, that weren't as polished as Revolucion. The smells of urine and sewage were strong there, graffiti and decay decorated the walls, and the people…Read More

5 - Bartering for Lizards

Written by Elli Metz on 17 Feb, 2001

The alley appeared to curve, but further back, a small cul-de-sac held a fountain and several shops. One sold metal lizards to hang on your wall, and the proprietress was more than willing to make a deal with me for a beautiful blue iguana…Read More

4 - The Alley of Art

Written by Elli Metz on 17 Feb, 2001

We couldn't stay forever at Club Escape, though I wanted to. I wanted to watch all day from my perch at the window, drinking up the atmosphere with the pina coladas. We waited for an opportune moment ("opportune" being defined as "chain-vendor-free"), and…Read More

Shopping Tijuana

Written by El Gallo on 24 Aug, 2000

Your overwhelming first impression of TJ will be an infinite supply of insane junk piled up everywhere with aggressive jerks trying to charm, swindle, or intimidate you into buying it. Well, junk is a big part of the TJ experience and one man's junk…Read More

Driving Tour Part 5

Written by Maximocervantes on 24 Jun, 2003

25. General Ignacio Zaragoza MonumentIn 1925 when Tijuana became a Municipality (County) it was to be re-named "Zaragoza" in honor of this great man who beat the French Army in the Battle of Puebla.This historic battle is remembered every year on the Fifht of May,…Read More

Driving Tour part 4

Written by Maximocervantes on 24 Jun, 2003

18. Tijuana Country Club ("Club Social y Deportivo Campestre de Tijuana"):The "campestre", as it is commonly called, was the first in the state to have its own golf course. The golf course, as well as the bar and three restaurants are open to non-members.Many of…Read More

Driving Tour Part 3

Written by Maximocervantes on 24 Jun, 2003

12. L.A Cetto Wine Cellar ("Cava de L.A. Cetto"):The House of Cetto is one of the oldest in the country and one of its’ largest producers of wine. Their vineyards have been in the Guadalupe Valley since the late XIX century although their winemaking is…Read More

Driving Tour Part 2

Written by Maximocervantes on 24 Jun, 2003

4. The Monumental Clock ("Reloj Monumental"):Symbol of the modern Tijuana, this arch was dedicated in the year two thousand for the second millennium. Since then it has been a source of friendly debate between the citizens of the City.5. Saint Cecilia Square or Arguello Square…Read More

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