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Stories and Tips Heber City

A Drive Over Mt Timpanogos

Written by Wasatch on 25 Sep, 2005

Sept. 21, 2005 7:20am Sunrise on Timp. Looking out my window, the top half of the mountain is spotlighted by the rising sun against a cloudless sky. Night lingers on the lower half of the mountain, shaded by the false horizon of the…Read More

Spectacular Fall Foliage

Written by Wasatch on 12 Aug, 2005

I've been quizzing people who have seen fall foliage in both Vermont and northern Utah. 80% say Utah is better. Fall in Utah tops Vermont several ways. First, there is the setting. Vermont's hills can't hold a candle to the peaks of the…Read More

The Climate

Written by Wasatch on 12 Aug, 2005

CLIMATE: Heber Valley is a high altitude [5,500 feet] semi-arid steppe (10-15" annual precipitation) with an almost perfect four-season climate. Precipitation is highly microclimatic. We live on the east side of Heber Valley, with about 10" precipitation a year, but we can a see temperate rain forest…Read More

Stay in Park City?

Written by Wasatch on 12 Aug, 2005

WHAT ABOUT PARK CITY? The famed resort town, Park City, is only 15 miles and 1,200 Ft. higher than Heber Valley. Why not stay there, since their close proximity makes all the recreation activities about equally accessible, except for golf and fishing? Park City offers big…Read More

Utah and Alcohol

Written by Wasatch on 12 Aug, 2005

Utah officialdom declares that Utah’s drinking laws are neither incomprehensible nor hinder getting a drink. So here they are. You decide. Beer: Watered-down 3.2% beer is sold at SOME grocery and convenience stores (local laws prohibit sales on Sundays in some places) and in restaurants that…Read More

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