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Maidan - Kiev's centre piece

Written by dangaroo on 04 Nov, 2012

It took me a long time to visit Ukraine's capital Kiev, something I always wanted to do, I'd never really found the time for it. I'd headed there without reading a great deal about sights or things to do, I just planned to figure it…Read More

Hitch hiking from Kiev to the Polish border

Written by dangaroo on 10 Jul, 2012

Less than a month before going to Kiev to watch the football, I'd been stranded in the northern Greek town of Florina and had sworn to myself that I'd never hitch hike again. Here I was though, having been easily convinced by a friend who…Read More

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Exploring Kiev

Written by manatwork on 12 Oct, 2011

Think of Communism, and I would associate it with a yellow star in a bright red background. Ukraine was integrated into the Russian Empire in the 1900s' until the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. As I flew over the Atlantic Ocean to Kyiv,…Read More

The Rushnyk of Chernihiv, III

Written by Chrystyna on 25 Aug, 2000

We did a little circle tour from one end of the room to the next as she pointed out the various icons and rushnyky. Most were stitched in red and black threads -- traditional to the region -- on white linen or white cotton. Others…Read More

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Rushnyk of Chernihiv, End

Written by Chrystyna on 25 Aug, 2000

'Three,' I cried. 'I can't possibly take three.' She continued smiling, pressing me. 'Take one for your grandmother, one for your mother and one for yourself to give to your daughter.' (She seemed so sure I would have one some day.) 'And pack up some of those…Read More

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The Rushnyk of Chernihiv, II

Written by Chrystyna on 25 Aug, 2000

On the way to Federenkos' home in Chernihiv, I reminded myself that it would probably be a slow process to re-establish any sort of regular church practice after having Atheism forced down Ukrainian throats for over 75 years. I finally let it go when we…Read More

The Rushnyk of Chernihiv

Written by Chrystyna on 25 Aug, 2000

'Could you live here in Ukraine?' Mrs. Stosia asked. It was a question all of my previous hosts posed. Perhaps they believed that with the fall of Communism they could court new blood back into the 'Old Country.' Perhaps the ties were still strong enough for…Read More

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