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Stories and Tips Okinawa

Karaoke Bars

Written by culturevulture911 on 27 Jan, 2007

The first day we were there, my sister in-law took me out to eat with her friends and then we went to a Karaoke bar. It was quite different than the ones in the States. Your party is escorted into an individual room, so you…Read More

Practically Crime Free Island

Written by culturevulture911 on 27 Jan, 2007

Okinawa has a very safe environment. I saw several young children, even as young as 3 years old, walking alone down the street. My mother in law said it is very typical. Danger seems to be almost nonexistent. People here don't lock their doors or…Read More

Shopping for Clothes or Shoes in Okinawa

Written by culturevulture911 on 27 Jan, 2007

One thing I didn't care for was shopping. I couldn't find anything my size in shops that are off base. It seems that the only sizes they sold were XXS, XS, S, and Medium, which seem to only fit size 5 or under. Shoes only…Read More

The Many Toilets in Okinawa

Written by culturevulture911 on 27 Jan, 2007

The toilets can be quite different to the ones we are used to here in the States. At the hospital, I couldn't figure out how to flush the toilet. There was a whole key pad of buttons to choose. I chose a red one that…Read More

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Diving With Dinosaurs?

Written by jenae567 on 28 Mar, 2010

Off the shores of Okinawa lie entirely new adventures for those willing to get wet.Okinawa residents and visitors have access to the rare opportunity to meet firsthand a friend or two of the dinosaurs! Whale Sharks are famous in Okinawa, and they can be…Read More

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