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Traveling on an All Saint's Day Long Weekend

Written by manlalakbay on 23 Nov, 2007

This year’s All Soul’s Weekend turned out to be a long weekend. A very long one actually, spanning four days. An opportunity most people would grab to go home and spend time with their families. Our group, on the other hand, chose…Read More

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Sunrise in Malapascua

Written by manlalakbay on 21 Nov, 2007

I’m not a morning person so waking up to view a sunrise is not a habit for me. But since the sun rises directly across Malapascua, I thought it would be a good practice for Dixie, my Nikon D40X camera to see how she…Read More

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Action in Moalboal

Written by moonray on 25 Dec, 2004

Moalboal is a small quiet town about 4 hours away from Cebu airport. The centre of the town is occupied by a large church and marketplace. All around are low-rise little shops selling the basic necessities of life. The people here seem to like their…Read More

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Living in Cebu

Written by tigerspeaks on 01 Mar, 2007

I could hardly believe that it's been more than five years since I first packed my bags and decided to leave home and find my center in Cebu. I remember doing it half-heartily so. Not because I didn't wanna leave home, but because it wasn't…Read More

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Malapascua in Bullet Points

Written by wysgal on 14 Mar, 2006

One hour on the plane, 4 hours in the car/bus, and a 30 minute boat trip to the island of Malapascua would be burdensome for those spoiled by the convenience of getting to Borcay. I didn't mind, but wouldn't recommend a trip there for my…Read More

Hungry at Mactan Airport

Written by cytiev on 08 Oct, 2004

One of my favorite places in the Philippines is Cebu. Located in the Visayas region, Cebu is a combination of provincial and cosmopolitan living. The Mactan-Cebu International Airport is one of Philippine Airlines' major hubs in the southern Philippines, as Cebu is a gateway to…Read More

The Island

Written by poopster23 on 21 Aug, 2006

The island Hilutungan is a beautiful small island east of Cebu in the Philippines. The people in the village are warm and friendly. There's a school and a church in the village - and a lot of children. Every household seems to have at least two…Read More

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