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A Sultan's Palace in One of the World's Tiniest Countries

Written by nofootprint on 04 Apr, 2011

A Sultan's Palace in one of the world's tiniest countries, this side of Borneo sounds like a fairytale.We enjoyed our visit here although the customs and laws are so different than ours, we felt out of step . A short visit suited us just fine.On…Read More

Travelling form BSB, Brunei to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah by Boat

Written by kotitihaere on 21 Dec, 2006

It is possible to make your own way from BSB to Kota Kinabalu in a day.From the main bus terminal in BSB, catch the express bus that leaves at around 7.15am bound for Muara which is the port and customs town for Brunei. The bus…Read More

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A Quiet Adventure In Brunei

Written by shaicoggins on 23 Jul, 2003

Hubby and I didn't really think there was much to do in this country with only 330,000 people and a city centre that's smaller than Singapore. Well, we were right. If we stuck to the city, there probably wouldn't have been much to our trip. In…Read More

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Bolkiah Mosque

Written by parasbdoshi on 16 Feb, 2001

Jame’Asr Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque truly is a beautiful example of great architecture. Visit it during Morning, Evening and the night time and you will not be disappointed !!…Read More

Interesting Brunei

Written by hughesrewards on 24 Sep, 2001

I had no idea of what Brunei was like or what it had to offer other than oil so I decided to go earlier this month as part of my trip to Malaysia. I flew in from Kuching and took the bus to Bandar Seri…Read More

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Eating and Drinking in Brunei

Written by nofootprint on 04 Apr, 2011

There is not a vast array of appealing choices for dining here so we had a bit of a hunt to find a place we would enjoy at meal time.Ha Jam HalimanLunch time in Brunei led us to this is a small hole…Read More


Written by alfredtet on 28 May, 2007

A heritage local culture settlement for more than 50 years. Riding along this huge river which connected to the big ocean is really fun and thrilling! It's a wonderful feeling!…Read More

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