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Written by rufusni on 12 Oct, 2011

Being in Page we had planned to go the Colorado River Discovery float...so we booked for the afternoon trip. We arrived at the office/shop in Page in plenty of time...and checked in, and were told that we would be briefed shortly out the front. There…Read More

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Ups and Downs in Page

Written by btwood2 on 04 Jan, 2006

Page was born along with the construction of Glen Canyon Dam. Land east of Glen Canyon BuRec (Bureau of Reclamation) needed to house construction workers belonged to the Navajo Nation. BuRec, BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs), and Navajo Nation worked out a trade, in which…Read More

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The Lake Powell Dilemma: to Drain or Not to Drain?

Written by btwood2 on 04 Jan, 2006

After decades of traveling on all-too-brief vacations in the Southwest, and more recently, three years of full-time post-retirement travel in our motor home, we’d yet to visit Lake Powell. But here we are, in November of 2005, driving towards Page, Arizona at dusk, crossing the…Read More

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Touring Antelope Canyon

Written by LA guy on 14 Nov, 2005

Visiting Antelope Canyon is expensive. However, it's worth the price of admission. It is expensive because the canyon resides in Indian reservations and Navajo laws dictates that all visitors to the canyon not only have to pay the $6 per person entrance fee but have…Read More

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A Cruise to Rainbow Bridge

Written by Slaney on 13 Feb, 2003

When we arrived at Lake Powell we went immediately to Wahweap Lodge to book a cruise to the Rainbow Bridge. As there is no airconditioning on the boats and it was high summer, we decided to take the early morning departure. The trip…Read More

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Written by Slaney on 14 Feb, 2003

Page is a relatively new small town not far from Lake Powell. It was established to house the workers of the Glen Canyon Dam in 1956 and grew as the Dam was filled with water in 1963. It is at the northwest corner…Read More

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