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From Casma to Huarez

Written by scarythug on 31 Jul, 2005

The bus was late, so I got chatting to a Peruvian called Elias whilst we waited. He turned out to be a driver too, so we had a lot in common. He could tell me about delivering water, and I could tell him about delivering…Read More

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The Santa Cruz Trek

Written by WitlessWanderer on 31 Aug, 2005

It’s odd how each place in Peru seems to have one standout thing to see: Cusco - Macchu Pichu, Arequipa - Colca Canyon, Chiclayo - The Lord of Sipan. Well, the stand-out attraction in Huarez is the Santa Cruz trek. For 4 days, you trek through…Read More

Lost in the Labyrinth Chavin

Written by GABY on 09 Jun, 2006

It was what more I wanted to know, the famous archaeological deposit, and one of the main Inca religious centers--with his mysterious and dark runners low land. We leave very early in the morning and approximately at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, finally we could…Read More

Robbery at Caroline Lodging in Huaraz, Peru

Written by tambor on 09 Mar, 2009

I stayed at Caroline Lodging in Huaraz, Peru for 3 nights and on Dec. 5th, 2008 I had my digital camera, app. $100.00 in Peruvian and American currency and some traveler's checks stolenfrom my room by a Peruvian male who stayed less than 12 hoursat…Read More

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