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An Ode to the Noodles Soup

Written by SeenThat on 22 Aug, 2007

Few foods are so ubiquitous in Asia as the noodles soup. Its wide geographical spread assures a wide diversity which is one of the constant surprises while traveling in the area. I took some notes while traveling around and here they are, ordered from south…Read More

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Beyond Lanzhou: Caves, Dunes and Oases

Written by SeenThat on 21 Aug, 2007

Lanzhou was an important Buddhist center in the past. Three areas in its surroundings feature Buddhist relics and offer interesting options for short trips from the capital city:Tianshui and Maiji CavesWith 300000 inhabitants, Tianshui is the second largest city in Gansu and hosts several attractions.…Read More

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Yellow River Blues

Written by SeenThat on 17 Aug, 2007

Few sights in China impressed me more than the first glimpse of the Yellow River. It wasn’t just its mighty dimensions or the huge bridge from where I studied its reflections, but mainly the fact that it was almost completely frozen, except for a narrow…Read More

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Lanzhou: Touring the City

Written by SeenThat on 15 Aug, 2007

I arrived at Lanzhou shortly after the Chinese New Year, after spending that holiday in Xian. All the trains from Xian to Urumqi were full and instead of waiting in Xian, I decided to travel in a third class train to Lanzhou, hoping that from…Read More

Water Wheel Park

Written by thewanderingpoet518 on 29 Aug, 2005

The people of Lanzhou are very proud of Water Wheel Park. It is a large wooden water wheel that turns in the current of the Yellow River. While we were there, Muslim men gave some of the group rides on sheepskin rafts attached to a…Read More

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Street Life

Written by thewanderingpoet518 on 22 Aug, 2005

Westerners are a rare sight in Lanzhou, so it wasn't uncommon after we adopted groups to gather around us out of curiosity. Likewise, there were many interesting sights for us to ponder, such as the sidewalk tailors.…Read More

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Downtown, where the lights are much brighter...

Written by thewanderingpoet518 on 22 Aug, 2005

Her social welfare institute/orphanage was near Lanzhou, up near the Gobi Desert. The airport is an hour by bus up in the mountains, and the city of 2 million rests in a valley by the Yellow River. Lanzhou surprised this big-nose Westerner; I was used…Read More

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