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The Alcazar de Toledo - ferocious battleground of the civil war

Written by actonsteve on 28 Jun, 2001

There is more to Toledo than ancient history, its modern history is impressive too. For this was one of the more memorable battlegrounds of the civil war. Where Franco's nationalists held out in a bitter siege against an overwhelming Republican onslaught and the Alcazar was…Read More

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Toledo Catedral - Heart of Spanish Christendom

Written by actonsteve on 28 Jun, 2001

In a country that boasts some breathtaking cathedrals the seat of the primate of all Spain has to be something special - and it is! Toledo Catedral ranks with Salamanca, Sevilla and the incomparable Santiago de Compostella as one of the greatest churches in Spain.…Read More

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Enjoying getting lost - the mazelike streets of Toledo

Written by actonsteve on 27 Jun, 2001

Your first view of Toledo will take your breath away. A great brown spread of buildings on a rocky mound isolated on three sides by the looping gorge of the Rio Tajo. Every inch of this outcrop has been built upon - iglesias, synagogues, brown-roofed…Read More

Spain: First Impressions

Written by marseilles on 25 Mar, 2007

We had booked our flights online from London Gatwick to Madrid even before coming to England. (Despite all the budget airlines proliferating in Europe, British Airways was still the one that gave us the best deal!) We took the coach from Brighton to Gatwick Airport…Read More

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A taste of Segovia

Written by sam and ofi on 06 Feb, 2002

A week after visiting Toledo we were sharing a Sabbath meal at the home of a very hospitable Jewish family in Gibraltar. We ran into the husband at the kosher bakery and he immediately invited us to come to their home for a Sabbath meal. At one point…Read More

A little more explanation...

Written by caseallen on 08 Feb, 2002

Our original plan was to drive from Zaragoza to Madrid, where we would spend 4 days--one of which would be a day-trip to Toledo. However, once we got to the outskirts of Madrid, we noticed that Toledo was only 30 more Km, so we…Read More

Getting into “Siesta Time”

Written by GreenMermaid on 06 Jan, 2001

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a slow learner, and that it was only after four days and four cities in Spain that I figured out Siesta Time: what time it occurs, what it signifies, and what a tourist must do to…Read More

El Greco

Written by Adelaide on 11 Nov, 2000

Born on the island of Crete, Domenikos Theotocopoulos, El Greco, received his artistic training in Venice and came to Spain during the decade 1570-1580, attracted by the call put out for painters needed to decorate the Monastery of El Escorial. When his work failed to…Read More

History in brief

Written by Adelaide on 11 Nov, 2000

Romans arrived in the 2nd century BC, and their presence is still visible in the remains of the walls, the foundations of certain buildings and on the outskirts, where an ancient Roman Circus, as yet unexcavated, has been located. Visigoths conquer it in the 6th…Read More

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Who was... El Greco, 'The Greek'?

Written by Stircrazy on 24 Aug, 2000

El Greco, 'The Greek' (1541-1614), Spanish mannerist painter, whose work, with that of Francisco de Goya and Diego Velázquez, represents the acme of Spanish art. El Greco (The Greek) was born on Crete (Kríti) (then a possession of the Republic of Venice) and was named Domenikos…Read More

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