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Day Trip to Segovia

Written by Mandan Lynn on 19 Jul, 2006

I had no intention of visiting Segovia, but I met some people in Madrid who were originally from Segovia, and they invited me there with them for a night. Gladly, I went along.Segovia is only about an hour's bus ride (€6, one way) from…Read More

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Must-see Sights Around Segovia

Written by Craig Randall on 19 Mar, 2005

Although it was said of Granada, not Segovia, I would echo the words "Give something to the poor blind man, because there’s nothing crueler in life than to be blind in Granada." Equally as unjust it would be to be sightless in Segovia.…Read More

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Rainy Day in June - Segovia

Written by cola0 on 09 Jul, 2005

Alas, the rain fell shortly after we arrived in Segovia by train from Madrid's Atocha station. We had just walked from the train station to the aqueduct (a 15-minute walk) when the rain drops were released from the heavens like an answer to my…Read More

A Few Words Before You Start

Written by Craig Randall on 19 Mar, 2005

I first set foot in Segovia in 1989. Much has changed since then. Back then, you could drive your car under the aqueduct. Today, the entire boulevard from the aqueduct to the other end of town is pedestrian and commercial. I…Read More

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Written by drazzelb on 28 Jan, 2006

Segovia has both old and new comforts. The old comforts are seen in the preservation of the Alcazar. This once castle used by Spain's royalty now sits as a gem on the terrain of Segovia. The new has blended well with the old. Hotels, stores,…Read More

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Great Town

Written by Zhebiton on 05 Jul, 2010

In Segovia, we rode on the train type Regional. The tickets were free seats, so I had to take place for such a long way. With the approach to Segovia kinds of windows wonderful - mountain peaks covered with snow, green valleys against the backdrop…Read More

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