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Stories and Tips Mayreau

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A free view of the island from atop the hill

Written by Pirate43 guide on 09 Dec, 2000

" You really won't find much on the island in the way of souvenirs except for T-shirts and such which are sold by the locals along the beach under the trees. They have a wide selection however so have at it.…Read More

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A Last Word on Mayreau

Written by Kaye on 15 Aug, 2000

Mayreau is a little island with around 262 people on it. It is a primitive but very beautiful and friendly island. The first thing one sees on the beach of many of these Caribbean islands is the unique tree that grows only on…Read More

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Hiking on Mayreau

Written by Kaye on 14 Aug, 2000

The hike that follows a trail across the mountain to the Atlantic side is a beautiful way to see the island. The hike is fairly easy, although quite steep and on un-even terrain in some places. It meanders through the small village on…Read More

In Time

Written by GRNYC on 18 Jun, 2009

Some years ago I was sailing through the Grenadines and stopped off for a short stay on the island of Mayreau, a small spit of paradise with an indigenous population of Rastafari. The level of poverty was striking but they were blessed with longevity and…Read More

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