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The Little Airport with a Big Responsibility

Written by koshkha on 04 Oct, 2013

One of the most important things to know about Strasbourg airport is that its code is SXB and not STR. Why do I mention this? Because repeatedly our company travel agent has booked me flights to Stuttgart in response to requests for Strasbourg. The first…Read More

The Very Best of France

Written by Wasatch on 23 Jul, 2008

Over several trips, we have spent about 100 days traveling around France, driving more than 18,000 miles. From this experience, we found that Alsace, from the Vosges to the Rhine River, is the best France has to offer. Indeed, Alsace is one…Read More

Using Ibis Hotels

Written by moatway on 10 Apr, 2004

I used three Ibis Hotels at the beginning of this trip because, well, because it was so easy to book them. I used smoothhound, but I could just have easily used ibishotels. Having done it, and having received my immediate confirmations, I began to have…Read More

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Villages of Alsace

Written by UK Flower Girl on 09 Mar, 2004

Unless you plan to spend a significant amount of time in this area, you will have to pick and choose which villages you would like to visit. My husband and I keep going back to the ones we love, even though we know we…Read More

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Alsatian Wine and the Route du Vin

Written by UK Flower Girl on 09 Mar, 2004

The wine in this region is wonderfully tasty and mostly white (there is one red grape, the pinot noir). Alsatian wines are "varietal," meaning pressed from one grape variety, and are identified by grape and the maker’s name. There are a few variations…Read More

Tips on Driving in France

Written by NiceGinna on 15 Oct, 2008

You can drive with your American license in France; you do not need to get an international driving license, just to come for a vacation. If you plan to be longer in France, it is worth while to get a French driver's license.…Read More

General reflections

Written by davidx on 25 Nov, 2002

Just some very general points which do not lend themselves to other pages. One of the first things I heard about Alsace was that they speak a mixed-up language there - I remember that 'pas de luft' was an instance quoted. I did not hear anything…Read More

Tips on Traveling from the USA to Europe

Written by NiceGinna on 13 Oct, 2008

It's best to get ready for travel by not drinking a lot the day before and not drinking a lot on the plane. I usually have just one small bottle with the dinner. And drink plenty of water.We find that we don't sleep…Read More

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Strasbourg - an Enticing City to Explore: an Overview

Written by NiceGinna on 11 Mar, 2009

Strasbourg is very near the German border and this is shown clearly in its cuisine, heavy on the pork sausages and sauerkraut. Their white wines are famous. Culturally, Strasbourg has a lot to offer with lots of museums and a beautiful cathedral.…Read More

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Signs Along the Way in Alsace

Written by NiceGinna on 10 Mar, 2009

I love all the lovely signs that the Alsacien village shops have to indicate what wonderful things they have to sell. Here are just a few...…Read More

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