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Swimming with the Gentle Giants of Donsol

Written by BratinelangKikay on 29 Apr, 2011

I never imagined I will be able to swim with whale sharks (or locally known as butanding) in my lifetime. For one, I can't swim and second to that, I am scared of the open water. But when I was planning for our family trip…Read More

Romancing with the Fireflies

Written by writeonthespot on 06 Feb, 2006

It was a bright night as the moon shone brightly and the stars twinkled across the sky. The trees and nipa leaves were swaying with the breeze as if dancing for us. And there we were aboard a small boat, or banca, quietly drifting along…Read More

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Donsol the Town

Written by writeonthespot on 14 Oct, 2005

Donsol is just a small town with a small plaza and tricycles for transport. Resorts are nice accommodations with their cottages that are ideal for group vacation. However, there are houses that rent out their rooms to travelers and are contacted by travel…Read More

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Butanding Festival

Written by takz78@yahoo.com on 30 Jan, 2010

Butanding Festival is the way how we give thanks to the Lord of giving us the Gentle Butanding Whalesharks..It is not as glamorous compared to other festivities in the Philippines, but it's Our's.. We have parties, parade with shark replicas, beauty pageants, and local food…Read More

Butanding Festival

Written by writeonthespot on 06 Feb, 2006

I don't know if the festival is for the whale sharks or for the people. When I heard of this, I thought, "This must be the time when the whale sharks come near the shore and be with people." I guess it must be because…Read More

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