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Stories and Tips Antigua

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Get Away From It All

Written by Jodeci527 on 04 Jul, 2013

Hideaway Bay is an unspoiled stretch of white sand in the village of Five Islands. This beach gets its name due to the fact that it cannot be seen from the roadside. For persons unaware of its location, they would pass within close proximity…Read More

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Discovering Falmouth

Written by Jodeci527 on 29 Jun, 2013

The village of Falmouth is a somewhat large seaside community on the South Easterly coast of Antigua. On entering Falmouth from the village of Liberta, I descended a slope which offered the most breathtaking views of the English Harbour area. The hill was covered with…Read More

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Catamaran Marina, Falmouth

Written by Jodeci527 on 25 Jun, 2013

The Catamaran Marina is located in the village of Falmouth, on the South Eastern side of Antigua. The boats which normally dock there are small but modern fishing boats, along with modest private yachts. Some of these vessels hail from all over the world, while…Read More

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Around Antigua By Bike

Written by Jodeci527 on 09 Jun, 2013

Biking in Antigua isn't as popular a sport as it should be. However, the trend has been gaining momentum lately, and several companies have mountain and road bikes available for rent. One day, the weather was seemingly perfect, and I couldn't resist the allure of…Read More

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Sugar Mills All Around

Written by Jodeci527 on 17 May, 2013

Antigua has a colourful history mostly revolving around sugar cane and it's production. The remnants of the Sugar Age are still around today in the form of abandoned sugar factories and the large number of sugar mills which can be found throughout the country. These…Read More

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Decently Priced Caribbean Art

Written by Jodeci527 on 05 May, 2013

The Fig Tree Studio Art Gallery is a small establishment nestled amongst the trees in the tropical rainforest of Antigua. The Fig Tree Drive is a winding paved road which cuts through the dense green vegetation of the rainforest, and the studio is situated a…Read More

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Old Road Village

Written by Jodeci527 on 25 Apr, 2013

Old Road is the very first established community on the island of Antigua, located quite a distance from the capital city. In retrospect, it's actually one of the furthest countryside communities. The best way to view the area for the very first time, is via…Read More

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Shirley's Heights Look Out

Written by Jodeci527 on 23 Apr, 2013

If you ask anyone who has visited Antigua, the question of where has the best view on the island, the unanimous answer will be Shirley Heights. Perched on a hilltop overlooking Nelson's Dockyard and Falmouth Harbour is one of Antigua's most well known landmarks. The…Read More

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The Dockyard Grounds

Written by Jodeci527 on 23 Apr, 2013

The grounds of Nelson's Dockyard appears to be an actual museum all by itself. To think that all of the buildings I pass by were standing there for hundreds of years, with only slight restoration attempts made, brings about a sense of awe. It's as…Read More

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Circumnavigating Antigua

Written by Jodeci527 on 10 Apr, 2013

A friend of mine organized a circumnavigation cruise onboard her uncle's boat for her birthday, and I was thrilled at the opportunity to see the island from the sea. We were to meet up at the Jolly Harbour jetty where we would clamber onboard and…Read More

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