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Stories and Tips Colca Canyon

Choosing a Tour Group

Written by Felicidad on 26 Nov, 2004

Here's the basics to choosing a tour of the Canyon. Essentially, you have two options. Both are fine, just depends on your traveling style. THE FIRST OPTION is to book a tour from Cusco if this is where you are based. You should pay around $50-$60,…Read More

Traditional Peru?

Written by Anne Silver on 18 Oct, 2000

Colca Canyon is 7 hours on dirt roads from Arequipa. It is deeper than the Grand Canyon and has small towns and indigenous people that can only be reached by hiking. Our guide, his donkey, Jim, my partner, & myself set out for one of…Read More

Items you should pack

Written by Felicidad on 26 Nov, 2004

A bathing suit for the hot springs Layers of clothing - Arequipa is a bit warmer than Cusco but Chivay is definitely colder, especially at night! Shampoo, etc - You won't want to shower at the hostels in Chivay, which tend to only have very cold…Read More

The Itinerary

Written by Felicidad on 26 Nov, 2004

All right, here's how it usually works -- most tour groups do almost the same thing. This is the basic weekend tour, starting from and returning to Cusco: First, you'll catch an overnight bus from Cusco to the city of Arequipa. The buses are pretty…Read More

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