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21. In a Fog

Written by Barb in BC on 08 Apr, 2005

IN A FOG We left the colour and vibrancy and prosperity of Xi’an for a one-hour flight to Chongqing. There we were assailed with contrasts as we threaded our way through the tiny, dirty airport to exit into the sticky, stinky, sickly-yellow soup that citizens…Read More

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Shopping in Chongqing

Written by ToddieD on 08 Feb, 2006

Since we stayed at the JW Marriott, we were within walking distance of the Liberation Monument area, a prosperous commercial district. Our favorite stores were a bookstore that covered five floors and had a large children's section as well as bestsellers such as Harry Potter…Read More

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23. Work Your Fingers to the Bone--Whad'Ya Git?

Written by Barb in BC on 09 Apr, 2005

WORK YOUR FINGERS TO THE BONE—WHAD’YA GIT? (BONEY FINGERS) In contrast to all of those other negative reports about Chongqing (that’s Chungking for those of us who grew up before Mao’s time), this was where we sampled a delight that became a regular must for many in…Read More

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22. To Market, To Market

Written by Barb in BC on 08 Apr, 2005

TO MARKET, TO MARKET TO BUY A FINE PIG We had all been itching to see China through Chinese eyes. We got our chance late in our Chongqing day when we were led to a market in the heart of this city where our guide…Read More

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