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Armenian Church of the Holy Resurrection

Written by LenR on 27 Aug, 2005

Address: Armanitola Road, Old Dhaka This church dates from 1781 and it is still functioning today. Compared to some of the splendid churches elsewhere in the world, this is a rather small, but interesting building crowding on a narrow back street of old Dhaka. But in…Read More

Suvolong – More Than Beautiful

Written by gazi shahid on 11 Jan, 2007

Suvolong is surrounded by water of Kaptai Lake. It is an hour boat journey from Rangamati town. Speed boat or motor launch will take fewer time. The sea-like Kaptai Lake has entered through hills and a mile long deep canal has created here. When your…Read More

Fairs & Festivals of Bangladesh

Written by gazi shahid on 05 Dec, 2004

Naturally we are a joy-loving nation, but natural calamities and poverty sometimes create obstacles to joy. In spite of that, fairs and festivals have always played a significant role in the life of the people of the country. Brief information on the important and regular…Read More


Written by gazi shahid on 06 Sep, 2004

Bangladesh has many tourist attractions including archaeological sites, historic mosques and monuments, resorts, beaches, forest and wildlife. Some of the most attractive places are- DHAKA: Dhaka is the rich capital of our poor country. There are many attractive sight in Dhaka city such as Ramna Park,…Read More


Written by gazi shahid on 10 Sep, 2004

On the way to Jaflong, we had to stay one night in Sylhet city. We stayed at the Hotel Jomjom. Due to low pressure in the Bay of Bengal, the weather became worse from that night. The next morning, the sky was cloudy and it…Read More


Written by gazi shahid on 01 Sep, 2004

At the afternoon I with my friend Zakir entered in Foyoz Mia’s coconut forest. It is a big forest cultivated by Foyoz Mia. Its area is about 200 acres. Not only coconut trees there are many other trees, shrub and bushes here. We…Read More

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