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Stories and Tips Galicia

Galician Food

Written by teddyña on 27 May, 2004

Galician food is very simple, but the quality of the products used makes it really rich. Eating in Galicia means pleasure and also huge amounts of food, and although you may have never tried some of the products, believe me, they are really worth it. Pulpo…Read More

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WHAT TO SEE. Summary

Written by teddyña on 18 Mar, 2004

I like to see Galicia as the Ireland of Spain. It´s an Emerald Island attached to Spain. But I must say this is not only my view, many people shared this opinion and come to Galicia because they are amazed that this place…Read More

Galicia - A Regional Breakdown

Written by WeWillSurvive on 05 Aug, 2006

Galicia is located in North West Iberia. It sits right on top of the country of Portugal and is the furthest western section of the country of Spain. If you were to take a boat directly south of Ireland, Galicia would be where you would…Read More

Percebes and Percebeiros

Written by teddyña on 27 May, 2004

Percebes Barnacles are a delicacy, not only because of their taste, but also because of the work they involves. Although for certain shellfish, flat-bottomed boats are used to raise mussels, others have to be taken out in their natural environment. On the northwestern coast of Galicia…Read More

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