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Belgian Beer Tasting

Written by Re Carroll on 22 Oct, 2000

Belgian beers come in many flavors - from heavy, full bodied dark beers to sweet, fruity beers - and everything in between. Beer shops are a great place to buy souvenirs since many beers come in attractive bottles that are great for gift giving.…Read More

Of (Chocolate) Mice & Men

Written by Re Carroll on 22 Oct, 2000

Chocolate making is not just a job - it's an art where people take their work seriously and their creations of all shapes and sizes are artistically displayed behind glass cases. Don't expect to find "inferior" products like licorice, jellies or hard candy here…Read More

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Ostende, Belgium

Written by Julie Hood on 06 Aug, 2000

Ostende is a picturesque seaport on the Belgian coast. It boasts a large fishing harbor and also is a port for the ferries and hovercraft crossing the English Channel. Its long promenade is a great place to stroll and see the sights. Its fish market,…Read More

Sampling the Local Cuisine

Written by NMartira on 11 Feb, 2002

In Oostend you can acquire all of the culinary delights that Belgium has to offer and the prices are less expensive than in one of the larger cities. Since Oostend is a port town that becomes a summer resort area expect prices to rise…Read More

Belgium - OSTANDE (3)

Written by Sammy Lagios on 02 Sep, 2010

Anybody probably knows that the Belgians and the Netherlanders first learn how to ridetheir bikes and then then kids learn how to walk. Exactly the same happened to see with my own eyes when i was sitting to drink my coffee and in front of…Read More


Written by Sammy Lagios on 01 Sep, 2010

The previous time i wrote my first impressions by my arrival at Oostande and now icome to share with you the rest of my trip there. The first night that i wanted to get some sleep it was really impossible because of the lot of…Read More

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