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A Day to Explore Ayuthaya

Written by nofootprint on 17 May, 2011

The two days we were here in Febuary it rained. Coming from Canada and the fact it was a warm rain .....it really was OK with us. My husband packed some green ponchos for us so we set out by tuk tuk tour to explore.Although…Read More

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Running South in Mandala Circles

Written by SeenThat on 28 Jul, 2008

Micro: The Thai AngleAlong their recorded history, Thais have been moving southwards; it isn't just the relocation vector of their three last capital cities, but an event that began much earlier. Under the pressure of Chinese-Han migrations southwards, the Thai left their original lands in…Read More

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Remembering the Ayutthaya Kingdom

Written by SeenThat on 28 Jul, 2008

As commented elsewhere, visiting important historic ruins - like Angkor - without understanding the sights would probably spoil the event. Ayutthaya is not different; moreover, comprehending its history is key to understanding modern Thailand. The kingdom of Ayutthaya was the second Thai kingdom, following the…Read More

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Ruined! in Ayutthaya

Written by naseem on 14 Apr, 2004

Ayutthaya served as the Siamese capital for 400 years and boasts an impressive array of historic ruined temples. We took a four-hour tour of about eight sites and that barely covered what Ayutthaya has to offer.…Read More

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