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Swimming With the Rays

Written by vampirefan on 06 Dec, 2006

All of a sudden and much like Carnival, string rays have earned a reputation they do not deserve. First, and tragically, the late Steve Irwin was killed by the barb of a string ray. Then a few weeks later another person was barbed by a…Read More

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Cable Beach

Written by lashr1999 on 16 Sep, 2006

Cable Beach was an unnamed beach until 1907 when it became the landing point for the Trans-Atlantic cable. The cable connected The Bahamas to mainland America in Florida. Today, a myriad of upscale resorts line it. The Nassau Beach Hotel, Radisson Cable Beach Resort, Breezes,…Read More

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Powerboat Adventures: You Have to Do It!!!

Written by lashr1999 on 24 Aug, 2006

Warning, this journal has spoilers, don't view it if you are going to do it!Exhausted from the previous night, we reluctantly woke up the next morning to go to the powerboat adventure. The bus was a bit late coming to the hotel to pick us…Read More

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Where, What and When ...

Written by rschell on 25 Nov, 2005

We spent 14 days at the Regatta in early November, however, conditions and activities may be different during the peak season which begins around Thanksgiving. Our weather was variable with many days of sunshine and temperatures in the low to mid-80’s. And even though some…Read More

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Extremes & Excesses of a BUDGET Traveler

Written by Jose Kevo on 05 Nov, 2001

My IgoUgo passport information details how frequent travel became my escape to/for sanity from working full-time and "on call" in the inner-city. Whatever the reasons, for those of us who've caught the Travel Bug and got it bad, it's not about trying to be…Read More

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It's better in the Bahamas???

Written by kiminhalifax on 26 Apr, 2002

Well, first of all, let me say that I was not in the best frame of mind when I visited this island. I had just gone through a nasty breakup and needed to get away. So I may not have the most optimistic…Read More

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Snorkeling On your Own!

Written by jlmadnick on 26 Aug, 2004

Snorkeling on your own!If you are not a big time snorkeler and are happy with a shallow reef and a few fish, here's a few places to try.We brought our own gear (mask, snorkel, pfd) with us. The snorkel and mask cost $19 at sports…Read More

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Off the Beaten Path

Written by Blackhat72 on 08 Jul, 2007

I've been to Freeport twice in the last 45 days on business. Because of this, I've had the opportunity to see more than the average tourist and have had the chance to meet "regular" people. So far, I've found very few who weren't…Read More

Air Travel into Freeport

Written by CHIBulldog09 on 02 Jun, 2007

Some brief information on traveling into the Grand Bahama Island, largely specific to US citizens visiting.- The airport you'll by flying into for Freeport or the Grand Bahama Island is the Grand Bahama International Airport, which has a airport code of FPO.- They speak English…Read More

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Rooms on the Norwegian Spirit

Written by Cantin2 on 28 Mar, 2007

The rooms are basically 172 sq. ft. with twins converting to a Queen. Lots of balcony rooms on the Spirit and many connecting rooms making it attractive for families. All rooms are similar except for the few more spacious mini-suites.We felt very comfortable in our…Read More

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