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Craft with the Chiacs

Written by MichaelJM on 20 Mar, 2013

In the afternoon we were shown the route to meet up with Marta Chiac, a partner in this new venture. It was a 10 minute walk to Marta’s home and we hadn’t got that far when we saw her smiling face coming towards us. I…Read More

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Cycling the tracks

Written by MichaelJM on 09 Mar, 2013

We arrived at the tiny airport of Punta Gorde, or PG as it is more affectionately known, and having disembarked (banging my head on the ceiling of the small plane as I battled to get off) we found our way to the baggage retrieval point.…Read More

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Pausing in Punta Gorda (PG to those in the know)

Written by MichaelJM on 09 Mar, 2013

We were a healthy cycle ride away from the centre of PG and despite the condition of the road it only took our gang of 4 around 20 minutes to get there. PG is built on a grid of roads with Far West Street being…Read More

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Caving at Blue Creek

Written by eviet on 21 Oct, 2006

There’s this Brit horror movie called “The Descent.” In it, a group of women venture into an unnamed cave, only to be attacked and devoured by albino creatures in full-on blood and guts. This was my movie of choice weeks before heading to Belize, where…Read More

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Boat Services to Guatemala

Written by LoCho on 30 Jan, 2001

Since Punta Gorda is on the Southern end of Belize, you can take a boat to Guatemala. You'll have to get your passport stamped at the office of immigration, and pay an exit fee (I think it was $15 US). You can also change your…Read More

Boat Services from PG

Written by Jaguar on 05 Aug, 2000

Paco's Boat Service offers daily trips to Livingston, Isabel, and Rio Dulce. The most frequent run, Puerto Barrios, cost US$10 one way. Leaves PG 8:30 am with a 1pm return. Requena Boat Charters does fishing, snorkeling, and nature observation trips. They offer daily service to…Read More

Out to the Bush

Written by Wedmaven on 05 Jan, 2003

Having a vehicle (which should be four-wheel drive) allows you the opportunity to go off-road any where. All but the main highways are dirt and can be rugged. Seems once you get started, the bumps aren't quite so big after the first mile. We traveled…Read More

Groceries - Six Grapefruit for $1 Belize

Written by Wedmaven on 05 Jan, 2003

The American dollar is two for one in Belize, and the "greenback" is accepted as well as Belize money. You will get Belize change for American money. The local marked in Punta Gorda is best on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Thursday there are usually no…Read More

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