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Written by spaceout on 10 Apr, 2005

As per museums, there's the children’s museum called Maine Discovery Museum on Main Street. There is also a Bangor Police Museum, but one can only view it by making an appointment by calling 207/947-7384, Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. It has hundreds of police…Read More

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Written by spaceout on 10 Apr, 2005

Take a walk through Bangor's historic downtown. You'll see quaint shops (coins, collectables, and antiques), ethnic restaurants, the Bangor Symphony Orchestra (where you can also purchase musical instruments and parts), and museums. People are friendly and helpful. Buildings are still being renovated by the city,…Read More

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Written by spaceout on 10 Apr, 2005

Most of the fast-food restaurants are situated by the mall area, but if you're up to more diversity, downtown is the place to go. There are many ethnic restaurants and fine-dining choices in this area. Before heading to one of the restaurants, do call in…Read More

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Brief Bangor history

Written by spaceout on 10 Apr, 2005

Bangor was incorporated in 1791 by Pastor Seth Noble, who enjoyed the Irish hymn Bangor. The city was developed on the 1525 campsite of Estavan Gomez, a Portuguese mariner searching for the Northwest Passage to the Orient. Early settlers were drawn to the area for the…Read More

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