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Hi Jolly Landmark - A Pyramid in Quartzsite, AZ

Written by Vanilla Sugar on 10 Feb, 2009

When you think of pyramids, do you think of the great pharaohs’ tombs in the Egyptian deserts? I do. Did you ever associate a pyramid with a camel driver and the Arizona desert? Never. Surprisingly, there is actually a pyramid in the desert…Read More

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Desert Gardens 9th Annual International Gem, Mineral, & Jewelry

Written by Vanilla Sugar on 26 Jan, 2009

They come everywhere – Utah, Colorado, New York, Mexico, Afghanistan, Japan, Pakistan, Australia, and Morocco. They live in RVs, van conversions, truck campers, and tents. Some have connections to import the rocks, gems, fossils, and beads; others have rights to mine on private land…Read More

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Quartzsite Annual Sports, Vacation & RV Show

Written by Vanilla Sugar on 25 Jan, 2009

Did I walk into a living television commercial? You know, the commercial aired during late night shows. The commercial promising you a miracle gadget for $19.99 that you can have "by calling 1-800…now; and if you order now, we’ll send you free…" another…Read More

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Tyson Well Stage Station Museum

Written by Vanilla Sugar on 23 Jan, 2009

Just like the Flying J and Pilot Travel Centers serve over-the-road travelers passing through Quartzsite in 2009, the Tyson’s Well Stage Station met the needs of travelers beginning back in 1866. While today, travelers get premium bottled spring water and unleaded gas or diesel,…Read More

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Scaddan Wash: Camping in the Desert of Quartzsite, AZ

Written by Vanilla Sugar on 15 Jan, 2009

"Sky-blue, pink" describes the color of the early morning sky, a two-colored rainbow, over the desert. With each passing moment, the sunlight grew brighter. Shadows on the distant mountain peaks disappeared, and the pink layer across the flat desert horizon faded leaving a bright…Read More

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Only in Quartzsite: Rocks, Gems, Carpets, Wasabi Peas & Opals

Written by Vanilla Sugar on 14 Jan, 2009

Ed and I arrived in Quartzsite, Arizona on the evening of January 10th just as a full moon ascended over the desert peaks and stars illuminated the sky. For over 10 years, we considered the idea of attending the world famous shows under the…Read More

Quartzsite in Retrospect

Written by btwood2 on 13 Feb, 2004

In 1856, a man named Charles Tyson settled on a piece of land about 9 miles west of present-day Quartzsite. He built a fort-like structure, and after establishing a reliable source of water, his outpost was named Tyson Wells. It became a stagecoach…Read More

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