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Jaipur's royals, remembrances of things past

Written by francelvr on 05 Jul, 2008

To most westerners, the word "maharaja" evokes unfathomable wealth, limitless power, and a mysterious exoticism. For centuries maharajas ruled India’s patchwork of kingdoms or “princely states" and built the grand and luxurious forts and palaces that dot the country’s landscape today. Virtually all the…Read More

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Hawa Mahal - ''Palace of the Winds''

Written by actonsteve on 06 May, 2001

Jaipur''s most famous building is simply gorgeous. The famous pink facade is seen all over the world advertising India and it is one of the must-see''s of Jaipur. The big surprise is where it is. It is part of the city palace, but overlooks one…Read More

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The Amber Fort: Fortress of the Warrior Rajputs

Written by actonsteve on 07 May, 2001

The Amber Fort is breathtaking. Up there with the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort in the great sights of the 'Golden Triangle' and a magnet for hundreds of Indian and foreign tourists. But the fort rises above all the attention to become one of the…Read More

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City Palace - Sumptuous home of the Maharajah

Written by actonsteve on 06 May, 2001

Remember those old portraits with the Maharajah dressed in a turban, dripping with jewels, and reclining on cushions watching dancing girls - well you can see where it happened at the city palace. The Maharajah of Jaipur, Jai Singh, still lives there and his servants…Read More

The Tourist Doctor!

Written by HELEN001 on 09 May, 2005

Well, if you're ever going to need a broad range of medical treatments when in India, then Jaipur is the place to be. When we arrived, we had all been in denial over the fact that we weren't quite up to scratch on the health…Read More

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Take a walk on the warm side!

Written by HELEN001 on 07 May, 2005

Well, we’d "done" the Amber Palace and were sitting in the shade of the Suraj Pole (Sun Gate) drinking fresh orange juice. We sat for about an hour while tourist-laden elephants entered the courtyard, deposited their load, and returned to the gate, where each one…Read More

Hitting the road

Written by Joel on 30 Aug, 2000

If you travel by bus in India you have to be aware of the danger! Overloaded trucks drive in the middle of the road. On the back of each lorry are the words 'BLOWN HORN' painted. You can imagine what kinda concert that is. On…Read More

Jaipur Palaces, Forts, Planetarium, Temples

Written by sbmalik on 07 Sep, 2006

City PalaceThe City Palace Complex is located in the heart of the walled city. The palace is a blend of Mughal and Rajasthani architecture and the royal family still lives in a part of the palace. The founder of Jaipur Sawai Jai Singh has…Read More

Chokhi Dhani-Ethnic village complex in Jaipur

Written by sbmalik on 07 Sep, 2006

Chokhi Dhani VillageChokhi Dhani, the ethnic Rajasthan village complex is located about 35 km outside Jaipur. You can spend an evening entertaining yourself with rides on camel, elephant, horse, bullock carts etc. There are various stalls selling traditional handicrafts. Local artists perform and display the…Read More

More information about Rajasthan, India

Written by Joel on 29 Aug, 2000

When I think of India, the most unlikely images run hauntingly through my head. Deities, gods, rituals, superstition, colours, flavours, poverty, karma, castes and lots and lots of people, to mention only a few. And what's so unusual about all these things is, is that…Read More

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