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Written by MURMANSK44 on 04 May, 2004

Life in San Felipe too hectic? Can't decide where to go for fish tacos tonight? Starting to see neon tecate signs in your sleep? Then maybe you need a day trip into the desert. Try heading to Puertecitos. Only 85…Read More

Boogie 'Til Ya Barf

Written by El Gallo on 26 Aug, 2000

So if you are in San Felipe and DON'T like mindless partying, you haven't been reading my advice. We'll assume you have no objections to frivolity mixed with alcohol and that sunset finds you tan, toasty, and a little restless. Get dressed (or…Read More

What Gringos do here

Written by El Gallo on 26 Aug, 2000

San Felipe was started as a fishing village, but by now it is solidly and resolutely a Gringo Party Town. If you're seeking culture, serenity, or relief from the hustle-bustle of U.S. civilization, this is NOT the place. Located just five…Read More

Do It Yourself Hot Springs on Beach!

Written by El Gallo on 26 Aug, 2000

There is a hot spring in San Felipe! And it's right on the beach! Trouble is, it's right IN the beach. This is one hot water spot that will probably never be exploited for a spa: the water bubbles up, scaldingly…Read More

Beaches: Huge or nada

Written by El Gallo on 26 Aug, 2000

The beaches in San Felipe are unusual. They are either hundreds of yards wide, hard and flat...or about two feet of steeply banked, loose sand. You've probably guessed it has to do with tides. This is all a delta, just flat silt,…Read More

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Weekend in San Felipe

Written by rodopus on 26 Aug, 2008

San Felipe was originally a small fishing village, now it’s claim to fame seems to be as a party destination for Americans. Popular activities include charging around on the beaches at low tide on ATV’s and drinking oneself into a stupor in the evenings. Also…Read More

The Drive From San Diego to San Felipe, MX

Written by rabbitgirl on 22 Jun, 2006

This drive is extremely easy. We started off in San Diego and took Route 188 through California and made a pit stop at Tecate, Mexico for a beer garden tour. Route 188 was curvy and time consuming but worth it for the beer tour. After…Read More

Local Bars

Written by rabbitgirl on 22 Jun, 2006

As I said in the overview, this place is a great party area! Everything is pretty much located within walking distance so you can set yourself up for the night and then head off for a little adventure. We walked all around and stopped at…Read More

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