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Getting Aarti at the Ganga Aarti in Haridwar

Written by koshkha on 19 Dec, 2010

We arrived in Haridwar after a 40 minute drive from the smaller town of Rishikesh. My sister Aileen and her girlfriend Joyce were reluctant to leave Rishikesh, having discovered the delights of shopping and banana pancakes and the peace and quiet of our riverside location.…Read More

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Haridwar - Religion and Ritual

Written by koshkha on 17 Dec, 2010

Very few foreign tourists go to Haridwar which is surprising since it's considered to be one of the seven most holy locations in India for Hindus. In fact of the seven holy sites, it's the only one of which I – and probably quite a…Read More

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Birds on my Brain

Written by phileasfogg on 18 Jun, 2005

It’s past 6 in the evening. We’ve had our tea at the Glasshouse on the Ganges, and the obvious sequel to that is to wander down to the river to trail our feet in the water. My husband tries it for a while, and when…Read More

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Mystic River

Written by phileasfogg on 18 Jun, 2005

Hindu mythology never seems to think below thousands. And the birth of Hinduism’s most sacred river too lies in an unbelievable number of myths and legends. Some believe that the holy waters of the Ganga were born of the goddess Parvati, consort of the destroyer…Read More

Haridwar: Ganga Aarti

Written by 3rdeye on 12 Oct, 2005

A massive statue of Shiva greets me as I enter Haridwar. Several floodlights outline his dazed lips parted in a gentle smile. Bholenath was the first to discover the effect of slowly burning charas on the human mind. Marijuana grows all over the hills, and it…Read More

Gangotri: Mouth of the Ganges

Written by 3rdeye on 12 Oct, 2005

You immediately realize that you’re standing in the midst of the Himalayas. Massive, craggy mountains wall in this little pilgrim village. Gangotri is only half a village. That is, it's totally empty for half the year. In the winter, no one lives here except the…Read More

Himalayan Night and Tantra Talks

Written by 3rdeye on 12 Oct, 2005

Quickly we make our way back to Chidbasa. The sun is fast vanishing. Without the sun, temperatures plummet rapidly. Getting bone-cold on a desolate mountain does not seem like a fun thing to do. I take long and quick strides. And walking downhill is so…Read More

Into Thin Air

Written by 3rdeye on 12 Oct, 2005

The weather today is surprisingly clear. Deep-blue skies have replaced the flat grayness. It’s a welcome change. And finally we can do some trekking in the Himalayas. This is my first Himalayan experience and I'm all excited. I stuff all the essentials into my backpack…Read More


Written by 3rdeye on 12 Oct, 2005

The road winds up into the Himalayas. All along you can see the Ganga flowing in the valley below. The rains have started and there's always the danger of landslides as the Mahindra jeep struggles uphill a few rocks tumble down and lands ahead of…Read More


Written by 3rdeye on 12 Oct, 2005

Huge billboards advertising "Yoga Ashrams" welcome you to Rishikesh. Saffron-robed, bearded men stare out of plastic posters. The lanes are teeming with sadhus. They squat everywhere. Surprisingly, for me, many of the mendicants seem quite young. Grime and matted hair is the norm. I hang…Read More

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