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Ephesus: A Day Trip from Istanbul

Written by ssullivan on 30 Aug, 2013

For our day trip to Ephesus, we elected to fly to Izmir, and then rent a car to reach Ephesus. Izmir Adan Menderes International Airport is located about 60 km from the Ephesus archeological site, and the drive is less than an hour via the…Read More

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Written by Mark Gokingco on 26 Oct, 2010

The port Kusadasi (pronounced Koo-she-da-see) is a fairly short drive away from the ancient Roman city of Ephesus (Eh-fe-soos) which was built and rebuilt 4 different times following the vital River front that connects to the Mediterranean Sea. The main sites of attraction are…Read More

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An overview of Ephesus

Written by J. G. Nash on 26 Dec, 2004

Ephesus (the place is called Efes on Turkish maps), is an easy hour's drive south of Izmir, which is where about 40% of its visitors stay overnight. Another 40% come from cruise ships; the remaining 20% are either staying in the city of…Read More

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Ephesus--A 1500 word history!

Written by Taylor252 on 26 Aug, 2003

The city of Ephesus was, according to myth, founded by the Amazons--specifically, a Queen named Ephesia. The date somewhere around 1200 to 1100 B.C. The Amazons were reputedly fierce warriors going so far as to remove one…Read More

3,000 years of History, Drama, Religion, Politics, Culture

Written by smmmarti guide on 11 Oct, 2000

Ephesus, with its primo position as gateway to trade routes with Asia, had a long and fascinating history both culturally, politically and religiously. With this positioning it was bound to be a center for development and change, the perfect site to overthrow both government…Read More

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Ephesus the seaport

Written by walkman on 02 Aug, 2000

In the times of fame for Ephesus, when the city was alive and full of inhabitants, it was a famous seaport. Today Ephesus is situated three kilometres from the nearest beach. It's because of expanding marshes around the place. Still there are ruins of ports…Read More

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Way too Public!

Written by akakd on 28 Oct, 2008

If you end up in Ephesus on a tour, ask the tour guide to see the ancient latrine. These early public toilets are, to say the least, VERY public. It was interesting to note that some pretty flowers grew here. Perhaps from…Read More

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Ephesus Was Our First Stop

Written by NiceGinna on 12 Mar, 2009

Ephesus was a major reason for choosing this cruise and one of the great archeological sites in the world. The four of us rented a taxi for the day and he drove us out to the site, stopping along the way at a couple…Read More

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Early Signage of Prostitution

Written by akakd on 28 Oct, 2008

Early signage. The foot points in the direction of the heart(to left of foot, dotted). Another symbol signifies that cash is accepted. This is an ancient sign to a brothel.…Read More

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Telling Signs

Written by akakd on 28 Oct, 2008

1) As long as the lines are for the women’s water closet or WC, crossing your legs is almost a necessity. Thus the sign for the women's WC is telling.2) Truth in advertising.(See photos.)…Read More

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