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The Necropolis

Written by Ishtar on 04 Oct, 2001

Every major city in Byzantine had an acropolis, a central area where people lived, and a necropolis where they buried their dead. The Necropolis here is located at the north of Hierapolis where you'll see free-standing sarcophagi which for the most part have been looted.…Read More

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The Roman Theater

Written by Ishtar on 04 Oct, 2001

This theater is impressive. Since we got there very early in the morning, there were not too many people around. As we approached, there were some locals with things to sell as usual, but we moved on. I sat at the very top for a…Read More

Dessert - Turkish style

Written by Re Carroll on 20 Oct, 2000

No, this isn’t the name of a drug although these sugary sweets can be pretty addictive as my husband and I discovered to the regret of our waistline. Also called lokum, they have been a staple of Turkish desserts for centuries. Originally,…Read More

City of dust

Written by walkman on 01 Aug, 2000

If you want to see gray sky in Turkey, go to Denizli. Denizli is the city of dust. I've never seen it with blue sky above it. It's the place near Pamukkale and the best start point to that place, but take my advice. DO…Read More

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