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Written by Joy S on 26 Aug, 2007

We spent half a day in Rudesheim. From Boppard it took about half an hour to drive there. The journey is lovely - you travel past vineyards, through pretty little villages and along the banks of the Rhine.Rudesheim is one of Germany's best known and…Read More

A day at the Christmas Market

Written by elizabeth melding on 05 Feb, 2004

You depart from your chosen airport and fly to Germany. You are then collected from the airport ready for your day at the Christmas Market. The journey from the airport ta…Read More

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Don't Miss Breuer’s Rüdeshimer Schloss

Written by Eve Carr on 04 Jun, 2002

Germany offers such a wide range of accommodations. I’ve stayed in top-of-the-line hotels such as the Four Seasons in Berlin, as well as modest little gasthauses, and have enjoyed all of them. Here in Rüdesheim, there’s a hotel that combines world-class elegance with old-fashioned charm. The…Read More

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Sip some Rüdershimer Coffee

Written by Eve Carr on 04 Jun, 2002

In Rüdesheim, the native drink is Riesling, but another drink is a favorite too: Rüdeshimer Coffee, Germany’s version of Irish Coffee. You start making it by pouring some Asbach brandy into a cup. While it is possible to use regular coffee cups, true Rudeshimer Coffee…Read More

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Cruise the Romantic Rhine

Written by Eve Carr on 04 Jun, 2002

I’m not much for cruising the oceans. (There’s not enough time to wander around small villages and capture photographs that portray the classic beauty of everyday people going about their ordinary (really extraordinary) lives. But, I do like river cruises, especially in Germany. I floated gently…Read More

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