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Dot to Dot Festival 2013

Written by Slug on 27 May, 2013

At my advanced age 30 years after my first gigging experiences, you might think going to see live rock music is something mostly beyond me (bar perhaps the odd 1980s Human League revival tour).While to be fair the thought of the large outdoor 3 day…Read More

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My university home

Written by linzeeloulabelle on 26 Dec, 2011

Although I am not originally from Nottingham, this is now where I live because of university. I chose to come here partly for my course and partly because I knew there was a lot to do in the city. I couldn't think of much worse…Read More

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Churches in Autumn

Written by MichaelJM on 03 Mar, 2011

Having enjoyed my circular walk I returned to Epperstone and Lowdham at a later stage to check out their two churches. Both were open although I think I was fortunate at St Mary’s Church, Lowdham, because they were preparing for a concert that evening. The…Read More

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A circular walk through rural Nottinghamshire

Written by MichaelJM on 26 Nov, 2010

A friend and I decided that we’d, in our retirement, enjoy a few leisurely circular walks breaking halfway through the walk to stop at a local hostelry. Seemed like a good idea to me and as he was prepared to sort out the route (he…Read More

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A Couple of Trentside Villages

Written by MichaelJM on 21 May, 2008

I’ve travelled up and down the A46 between Bingham and Newark on more occasions than I’m able to recall but I’ve never made the detour to check out the villages that lie between it and the River Trent. Indeed it was only following my retirement,…Read More

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Southwell and Newark - civilisation out east

Written by jaybroek on 28 Jun, 2004

At the age of 14 my parents had finally had enough of my teen angst and packed me off to boarding school. Sure, they dressed it up with claims to be 'concerned about my education' and 'wanting what's best', but I knew the truth. As…Read More

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The Lacemarket and Bridlesmith Gate - style in abundance

Written by jaybroek on 28 Jun, 2004

What is Nottingham all about? Robin Hood plays a big part, although he was more a countryside kind of guy. Torvill & Dean might ring a bell with some (whatever happened to ice dancing anyway?). For many her industrial past has played a large part…Read More

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Maid Marian and the Castle - it ain't pretty or a castle

Written by jaybroek on 28 Jun, 2004

Now there's an evocative name - Maid Marian Way. If I tell you it runs close to the base of Castle Rock, in the shadow of Nottingham Castle, what pictures does it conjure up in your mind? Kevin Costner and Alan Rickman camping it up?…Read More

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The Old Market Place - good, bad and ugly

Written by jaybroek on 28 Jun, 2004

You know you've made it in Nottingham when someone arranges to "meet you by the Lions". Lying proud and noble outside the city's magnificent Council House, the lions are almost always accompanied by crowds of teenagers waiting for their mates, men with pushchairs doing their…Read More

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Visit to Nottingham University

Written by marseilles on 24 Mar, 2007

One of our main reasons for coming to Nottingham was to visit Nottingham University, one of the British universities I hope to apply to for a postgraduate degree. We left our hotel early in the morning to catch the bus to Nottingham University. Right beside…Read More

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