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At leisure but still watching out for the wildlife....

Written by MichaelJM on 05 May, 2013

Life on the open tented camp was always guaranteed to be exciting as animals had a right of way through the camp. During the day time we were treated to viewing of small animals, butterflies and birds and at night as the sun set and…Read More

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A wandering Masai Mara on our final Safari

Written by MichaelJM on 22 Apr, 2013

This early morning Safari was to be our last trip out at Governor’s Camp before heading off for some R&R at an all inclusive hotel in Mombasa. We started off with low expectations because we reckoned we must have seen almost everything that the area…Read More

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In search of the Big Five

Written by MichaelJM on 16 Apr, 2013

We were pleased that we had the same guide throughout our stay at Governor’s Camp and it was an added bonus that the four of us had him to ourselves. Each of our Safaris was totally different and Governor’s, different to most other camps, manages…Read More

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The Great Migration at the Mara

Written by nofootprint on 20 Nov, 2009

Today we have a whole day on safari starting at 8AM.Our plan is to head to the Mara River where the great migration takes place. That was last month however so we have to content ourselves to look at the river and hear the stories.On…Read More

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Crocs at the Ready - the Mara River

Written by actonsteve on 15 Feb, 2009

I’m pretty bored by television these days.The diet of predictable programmes means I’m pretty picky what I watch. While still having favourites I tend to lean towards history, travel and wildlife programmes. Over the years wildlife programmes, particularly by the BBC, have been an absolute…Read More

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The Crunch of Bones - Hyenas and Vultures

Written by actonsteve on 15 Feb, 2009

There is something infinitely creepy about hyenas.I don’t know whether it is their sloping walk or the way their mouths drop open but there is something of the childs nightmare about them. They may not be looking for trouble but they look as if they…Read More

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Encounters with Cheetahs – the Fastest Animal on Earth

Written by actonsteve on 15 Feb, 2009

The cheetah lay in the long grass panting.Not because of his recent exertions to bring down a teenage wildebeest but because he was getting his breath back from eating his fill. With a swollen belly it was time to let the food settle a little…Read More

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Carnage at the Talek River – A Crossing Goes Wrong

Written by actonsteve on 15 Feb, 2009

A colleague before I went to East Africa heard I was going and said "I love the Masai Mara – you get such a sense of natural life and death there.."I wasn’t sure what he meant until I experienced it for myself. This is where…Read More

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Blink and Miss ‘em – Smaller Animals of the Mara

Written by actonsteve on 15 Feb, 2009

It’s easy to be blasé when not eyeing one of the big five and easy to see why everything else merges into the background when not viewing these ‘stars’ of the Mara.But if you look around the place is infested with less prominent animals which…Read More

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Thunder of Hooves – Armies of Wildebeest on the Migration

Written by actonsteve on 15 Feb, 2009

In 2008 the migration number for wildebeest in the Masai Mara reached two million.That’s the biggest movement of animals on the globe. A number so huge that they turn the horizon black with their numbers.The herds are so big that they cover the…Read More

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