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Naqsh-e Rostam

Written by Esteeve on 13 Nov, 2000

Approximately 2 or 3 kilometers from the palace stands an outcropping of rock that was home to four of Persia’s earliest kings. This site is known as Naqsh-e Rostam and it was there that Darius I and II, Cyrus II, and Artaxerxes I are believed…Read More

Drugs in Shiraz

Written by walkman on 28 Jul, 2000

When you are moving in Iran close to the Pakistani border you can find more and more marks of activity from drug dealers and smugglers. On the roads there are police checks more and more often, it's possible to see more and more barricades on roads…Read More

Hafez poem - Behnam

Written by walkman on 28 Jul, 2000

Behnam dvlt bydar sHrm dvlt bydar bbalyn Amd gft brKyz kh An Ksrv Syryn Amd qdHy drkS v srKvS bh tmaSa bKram ta bbyny kh~ngart bh~Gh Ayyn Amd mJdgany bdh ay Klvty nafh gSay kh z CHray Ktn Ahvy mSkyn Amd gryh Aby brK svKtgan baz~Avrd nalh fryadrs eaSq mskyn Amd mrQ dl baz hvadar…Read More

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