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Petra By Night

Written by Essexgirl09 on 17 Apr, 2012

Petra by Night is a unique experience that happens three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) in Petra. We had just arrived here, so had not yet seen any of Petra by daylight but were keen to make the most of our visit…Read More

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Written by Ben the Grate on 19 Feb, 2002

Petra has become an extremely popular tourist spot, rivalling the Pyramids in Egypt with annual visitors. On a typical blazingly hot summer day, thousands of people will tromp through The Siq and into the heart of Petra. But before they do that, they'll…Read More

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Getting to Petra

Written by Ben the Grate on 19 Feb, 2002

There are two primary ways to visit Petra. The most user friendly is via Amman, the capital city of Jordan. Simply take a service taxi from the city center down to Wadi Mousa. This should be no more than about $20JD ($28US)…Read More

Crossing the Border

Written by thetravelgoose on 03 Oct, 2006

We left Israel from the Yitzhak Rabin terminal. This is open on weekdays from Sunday through Thursday, from 6:30am until 10pm, and Friday and Saturdays between 8am and 8pm. We drove down from Tel Aviv to the terminal near Eilat, and parked the car in…Read More

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Visiting Moses' Well & an ancient mountain cistern

Written by wanderluster on 17 Apr, 2002

Housed in a small white domed building in Wadi Musa is ‘Ain Musa, the spring where Moses struck water from a rock for the Israelites as they passed through en route to the Promised Land. Inside the rectangular room is the large rock from…Read More

Entrance Ticket Politics & Money Matters

Written by DrMaximus on 09 Jun, 2002

Ticket prices, ranging from 12JD to 20JD, fall appreciably as you purchase multi-day passes. Each three-day pass entitles the holder to an additional fourth day at no extra cost. Multi-day pass holders are also admitted one hour before the site’s official opening hours. Generous student…Read More

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Silk tomb

Written by Adelaide on 15 Oct, 2000

Silk Tomb has a striking façade because the sandstone has layers of many different shades red, white, yellow and blue. It's one of the royal tombs overlooking the valley. You need to hike up to the hill.…Read More

A BRIEF History!

Written by Ben the Grate on 16 Feb, 2002

The Nabateans (descendents of the Biblical Edomites) controlled and taxed virtually all trade from the East to Europe and Africa. Virtually all trade routes led through the narrow canyon of The Siq and into their capital city, Petra, therefore they were vastly weathly as…Read More

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Roman legacy

Written by Adelaide on 15 Oct, 2000

The Romans conquered the area around 68 AD and left their own legacy in the area with paved roads, arches, columns and an amphitheater. After them, the Byzantines took hold of Petra.…Read More

History in brief

Written by Adelaide on 29 Oct, 2000

Although famous for the Nabatean period, the region of Petra had been inhabited long before the Nabateans arrived in the 7th century BC - a settlement over 9000 years old has already been found. They arrived slowly and were firmly established in the 4th…Read More

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